Authenticity in Aquarian Times

Authenticity in Aquarian Times with Kathryn McCusker & Sat Guru



Discovering and deepening true identity

Question is how much you know yourself and how much you expand yourself and how much you project yourself, and with what velocity, with what caliber, with what capacity and with what continuity? It’s not the mood which makes your life, it’s the behavior. YB


This workshop is open to everyone and for those curious to know more about Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, beginning in February 2020. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the training.


Kathryn McCusker discovered Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in Mexico in 2000 and has been teaching worldwide ever since. After living in London for eleven years, where she taught private clients including Bjork and Rachel McAdams and classes at Triyoga and Alchemy, she returned to Sydney in 2011 to open KMYOGA, Sydney’s first dedicated Kundalini Yoga Studio, which she ran for three years. She has now returned to London where she is again teaching private clients and group classes, as well as leading retreats worldwide.

A professional opera singer for over twenty years, Kathryn’s background in music and voice gives her a deep connection to the transformative power of mantra and pranayama. She infuses this knowledge into her classes, along with deeply relaxing Gong Meditations. She has a keen interest in teaching Kundalini Yoga to creatives and has seen how it has supported and transformed their creative life.

Kathryn is a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) certified Level One and Level Two teacher. She is also a certified Conscious Pregnancy and Radiant Child Yoga teacher.

Kathryn is passionate about sharing these inspiring and uplifting teachings with as many people as possible. Watkins commissioned and published Kathryn’s first book, Kundalini Meditation – The path to personal transformation and creativity, which was released in the US in November 2012 and in the UK and Australia in March 2013. It has now been translated into Dutch, Italian and French and is available to buy in English, along with her mantra meditation CD’s. Kathryn’s book was re-issued by Watkins in Spring 2018, under the title ‘Everyday Kundalini’ and is available to purchase on Amazon.


Sat Guru is a British Lead Kundalini Trainer of level 1 & level 2. For 20 years she has been living this magical path of Kundalini Yoga in Barcelona, and was touched deeply by the teachings whilst living alongside the Master Yogi Bhajan, in Espanola, USA.

She feels deeply connected to the Golden lineage and passionately transmits the purity and essence of what is Kundalini Yoga in her workshops and masterclasses around Europe and South America. She is a certified Somatic Experience Therapist (Trauma Resolution by Peter Levine) and uses the SE touch in my Kundalini Trainings and Workshops worldwide.

Sat Guru was inspired by Yogi Bhajan’s teachings for Women, and when she lived in Mexico, a well known Shaman touched her third eye with a cystal and said, “Go, the women are waiting for you!” Since then, I have been teaching and holding healing circles for women, specially designed sacred retreats for women, to practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditations to heal and transform their lives, and to reconnect to their essence.

She believes the Aquarian Age can only truly take place, once the women own their complete feminine power and step up to the responsibility of holding the wisdom and projection it will take to heal and live the new age.

Sat Guru Kaur is a dynamic teacher who believes in keeping the teachings pure but real, and transmitting them in a modern and transparent way, but staying faithful to the tradition.


Cleanse the Chakras and set intentions for 2019!

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
Cleanse the Chakras and set intentions for 2019!
With Kathryn McCusker

When you understand who and what you are,
Your radiance projects into the universal radiance
& everything around you becomes
creative and full of opportunity.”  Yogi Bhajan

About the workshop series @ Triyoga Camden (March – December 2019)

This journey through the 7 chakras will energise, inspire and propel you into action to manifest your intentions for the year.

A Kundalini Yoga chakra cleanse is an opportunity to become more aware of the energetic function of each of the 7 chakras and how they are integral to understanding how Kundalini energy works as it travels through the body. Each chakra has an important function and is correlated with different aspects of our lives, affecting our perceptions, feelings and choices. The 7 major chakras interact with, and influence, out thoughts, moods and health.

Through Kundalini exercises and meditation we can explore the mysteries of the chakras, bringing to light ways in which we are blocked, and learning techniques to release our inner energy and full potential.

All the chakras are interconnected and work in unison. The first 3 major chakras are sometimes known as the ‘lower triangle’ and are connected to the physical needs of the body and of life. The other 4 major chakras, or the ‘upper triangle’, work with our spiritual and universal consciousness.

The chakras are usually depicted as lotus flowers. The Kundalini opening or awakening of each chakra can be seen as the awakening of consciousness within ourselves.’ (Excerpt from Kathryn’s book ‘Everyday Kundalini’)

Each workshop is part of a series of five workshops throughout the year focusing on the seven chakras. We encourage you to come along to all five workshops to deepen your understanding of the chakra system and to experience the overall benefits of the chakra cleanse. You will be given a powerful meditation for manifestation to be practised at home that will support your journey.

No previous experience is required. This will be a safe space for you to learn and discover. Kathryn will be available for any queries throughout the journey.

Bookings can be made directly through Triyoga:*&from=*&with=184&what=*&search=true&courseid=&classdescid&classdescid= 

December 8, 10am-12.30pm: Chakra 6 (Third Eye) & 7 (Crown) 







This workshop is an opportunity to deepen your awareness of Kundalini Yoga and the sixth and seventh chakras. Each chakra has an important function and is connected with different aspects of our lives.

The third eye chakra (Ajna) is related to intuition and wisdom and the crown chakra (Sahasrara) is related to infinity, humility and bliss. When our chakras are blocked and out of balance, our energy, thoughts, moods and health can be affected.

What can I expect?
Through transformative Kundalini kriyas (sets), powerful breath-work, uplifting mantra and meditation, you will experience ways in which to clear and balance the sixth and seventh chakras. You will learn techniques to re-set your prana (life force), create more clarity and awaken your potential.

What will I gain from the workshop?
Kundalini Yoga is a transformative energetic practice that works with the chakra system. This journey through the chakras will help you change the relationship you have with yourself, expanding your physical, mental and spiritual awareness. It will energise, inspire and propel you into action to manifest your intentions.

You will be given a powerful meditation for manifestation to be practiced at home that will support your journey. Open to all levels of experience.