Are you looking for Kundalini Yoga classes that are more bespoke, convenient and accessible? I offer private classes and mentoring both face-to-face and online via Skype. Classes can be held in the comfort of your own home or workplace, so you can choose a time and place that suits you best.

How will Kundalini Yoga benefit me and what will the class consist of?

Most of us are time-poor, having to juggle the everyday stresses of work, family and life. Kundalini Yoga can provide short, practical and powerful tools to help us cope successfully with the challenges of our times. Through Kundalini Yoga we can shift our energy to new levels, boost the brain and balance the body. In just a short space of time you will feel more awake, aware and open to new possibilities.

In these 1-to-1 classes, we will dive deeper into transformational kriyas, combining mantra (sacred sound), asana (posture), mudra (hand position), bandha (body locks), meditation (mindful focus), and pranayama (breathing techniques) to increase your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

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