Chanting and Meditation Fundraiser in Sydney! Tibetan Gyuto Monks at KMYOGA 8th November

kmyoga-sydney-gyuto-monks-performance-2_copy_200x130Imagine sitting in a serene environment listening to such powerful chanting that it transforms your body and ignites your soul.  The sound of the 6 Gyuto monks singing before you is ancient in its beauty, and immensely difficult to perform technically.  Their years of training results in a rich and powerful sound that you can float away with while you meditate.

 These amazing Tibetan monks are visiting KMYOGA for the 2nd year in a row, on the 8th of November 2013 for a wonderful chanting and meditation evening from 7-9pm.  When they visited our Sydney yoga space last year, their event was sold out!

The entire event is a fundraising initiative, where 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sales and handicraft sales will go towards the Monk’s Tantric Monastery.  It’s an amazing opportunity to chat one-on-one with the monks after their awe-inspiring performance, as they will be selling handicrafts such as prayer rugs and bowls.  We invite you to come, sip on chai and feel a tangible sense of touching history, as you mingle and interact with these incredible monks.

One of the reasons the Gyuto monks are so popular with our growing Kundalini community, is that their chanting is an opportunity to meditate on powerful sounds.  The Gyuto monks are highly trained in an ancient art of deep harmonic overtone chanting, which allows them to sing three octaves at the same time.  These deep and powerful vibrations have the ability to transform your body at both a physical and mental level, which gives many similarities to the practice of Kundalini yoga.

We’re proud to be a part of history by hosting the monks at KMYOGA.  The monks make an annual visit to Australia, and while they are here, embark on many philanthropic and amazing initiatives to connect with the community.  They visit and conduct workshops in palliative and cancer care homes, chant for peace on snow-covered mountains and visit Aboriginal communities, to name a few.  It is true that ‘to be with them, to observe and be touched by their humanity, is to see kindness in action’ and we are filled with admiration.

In the past, the monks have toured with the Dalai Lama and performed at the Sydney Opera House!  Their background is filled with such amazing history, and it’s wonderful to see the generations of monks, from some just starting out in their journey of learning this ancient technique, to older monks who still remember fleeing from Tibet to settle in exile in India.

It is said, that the mere sight of a Gyuto monk is a blessing, but to hear the sound of their chanting is to be transformed.  Come and take action to transform yourself at their performance on the 8th of November, 2013 at KMYOGA in Bondi Junction, and enjoy this not to be missed experience.

The tickets are $40, and ALL the proceeds go towards the Monk’s monastery.  Reserve your ticket here!

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Watch a clip from a film that they participated in, to have a brief insight into their fascinating world: