Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training…”the best thing you could ever do for yourself”

Adette Kagan shares her experience of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

adette_tt_certificate-1_200x266‘Kundalini Teacher Training from my experience, will deepen self awareness, knowledge of the practice, unblock whatever’s stopping you from living your dreams and allow you to make great friends with your soul!

Starting Kundalini yoga was a turning point in my life, and completing Level 1 of Teacher Training cemented the direction of my new-found journey.

When KMYOGA and ANS first offered Level 1 Teacher Training in 2013 I had been practicing Kundalini yoga for almost a year.  The flyer on the wall caught my eye and at first I was like, no, not for me! But every time I saw the flyer, I was drawn to it and it kept playing on my mind.  At that stage I didn’t feel I wanted to be a teacher, but I knew I wanted to deepen my practice, which had already taken me so far.  I also had a sneaking suspicion that this was exactly the next step I needed to take!

The thing is I was scared.  I was scared of what I might have to do, scared of the unknown, but most of all I was scared of what this course might bring up deep from within.  I mean there was stuff there that hadn’t been tapped into…well…ever.

So I ummed and ahhed, asked lots of questions, asked more questions, went to pay and changed my mind and then finally on the very last day of the early bird payment I bit the bullet and put my money where my mouth is and committed to all 3 weeks of Level 1 Teacher Training.  And you know what…best thing I ever did!

Yes it was challenging, yes it was scary, yes I had to face demons I didn’t particularly want to face and yes it was full on at times, but it was also unbelievably enlightening, amazingly fulfilling, freeing and on some days left me with a feeling of euphoria that was better than any drug!  What amazed me most was how heightened my awareness became once I went back home, giving me such a profound connection with myself and everything and everyone around me.

The teachers were also amazing.  They provided such wisdom, compassion and love mixed with a really wicked sense of humour that had us sometimes laughing until our sides hurt.  But as much as the teachers were probably the best guides I could have asked for, it is me I have to thank the most for having the courage to sign up and be willing to open up and face whatever came my way (sometimes kicking and screaming…well not really but almost! Lol!).  At the end of the day without my commitment and willingness to be open to this experience, it wouldn’t have had such a profound affect.

Since Teacher Training I feel more at ease with myself and am able to make balanced life decisions.  I feel mostly centered, at peace and I’ve been able to face fears that I haven’t faced in years and conquer them…now for me that’s huge!

I couldn’t recommend Teacher Training any more highly!  It’s the best thing you could ever do for yourself, to get in touch with you, heal what ails you and grow and grow and grow!  Enjoy!’

Adette Kagan