Meditation is a tool to control and transcend the chaotic waves of the mind so that you can experience life with a more spiritual flow. It helps to create a communication between you and your mind and your mind and your body. It is a way to create concentration with the mind without reacting, so that you are aware and observe the thoughts passing through the mind but you are not involved with them.

Meditation cleanses the subconscious, making it more receptive to align you with the soul’s purpose. It helps to develop the neutral mind and create more inner peace, stability and calm. Meditation develops the intuition and brings more clarity to the mind and the ability to be more present. It takes us from a finite to an infinite perception of reality by connecting us to our soul’s essence.

40 Day Meditation

40 days has historically been known as a very symbolic time period. It is a length of time often referred to in ancient scriptures for enacting change, and it is the amount of time it takes for the cells to renew in our bloodstream.

Doing something for 40 days can make or break a habit in a person. If you are consistent in your personal practice, it can clear old subconscious patterns, set up new positive patterns, and change your life for the better!

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KMYOGA 40 Day Community Spring Cleanse Meditation – Sat Kriya

40 Day Meditation Challenge – Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Mantra CDs

Kathryn has released two Kundalini mantra CDs – ‘Awakening’ and ‘Kundalini Meditation Mantras’. These are available to download via iTunes or via the Shop