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‘This is a beautifully written, simple to understand and inspiring book. Whether you are new to Kundalini or wanting to go deeper into your practice, this book guides you through the subject in a really engaging and accessible way. Kathryn McCusker shares her many years of experience from around the world as a Kundalini teacher in a way which provides a very thorough understanding on Kundalini and how it can be used to improve your life. I like that there are 12 meditations which each target a specific issue – from help with depression to welcoming love into your life. There are lots of different exercises which, even just doing for a few minutes each day, will produce real benefits. Kundalini is an immensely powerful practice which can really transform your life and help you reach higher levels of awareness and creativity. When you combine this book with the free meditation downloads, it really is the next best thing to being in a Kundalini class!’

Rebecca Kirk, U.K

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Kathryn first book, KUNDALINI MEDITATION – The path to personal transformation and creativity was published by Watkins Publishing and released in the US in November 2012 and in the UK and Australia in March 2013.

Kathryn McCusker has taught Kundalini meditation and yoga throughout the world. A professional opera singer, her background in music and voice gives her a deep connection to the power of chanting and controlled breathing. In Kundalini Meditation, the first in-depth, practical introduction to this life-changing practice, she teaches you how to activate the powerful energy present in us all.The book begins with an easy-to-follow account of the subtle body, the energetic part of you that includes the chakras and Kundalini itself. There’s advice on preparation, practice space and using diet and ritual to purify body and mind. Illustrated exercises show key yoga stretches and poses, techniques to raise Kundalini throughout your body, pranayama or breath control and how to deepen your practice with mantras (sacred sounds) and yantras (sacred diagrams).

The 12 guided meditations—combinations of yoga, pose, mantras and mudra (hand gestures)—bring together all the techniques to address issues such as creativity, love, anxiety or fatigue.
Click here to purchase downloads of the chanted mantra meditations featured in Kathryn’s book.

With this inspiring book, you’ll draw on the Kundalini power already present in your body to achieve lasting health and happiness. Full-color throughout.