I LOVED this book! I am a Yoga Teacher who is trained in Kundalini but I generally don’t practice it because I am not a practicing Sikh and I have some concerns about the ‘cult-like’ nature of the style. However, this book blew all the myths away. 

By focusing on the Kundalini energy and explaining the eastern anatomy in a western way Kathryn McCusker delivers a well-rounded and researched explanation of this esoteric style of yoga. She then offers a wide variety of exercises, meditations, mudras and mantras that feel doable rather than magical (as some Kundalini authors are prone to – “do this for 10 minutes and your life will change” etc.) 

I’m actually considering making this book part of my Yoga Teacher Training courses in the future because I believe her explanations of the eastern anatomy are so clear and undogmatic’.

– Victoria

Life transforming! This is a beautifully written, simple to understand and inspiring book. Whether you are new to Kundalini or wanting to go deeper into your practice, this book guides you through the subject in a really engaging and accessible way. Kathryn McCusker shares her many years of experience from around the world as a Kundalini teacher in a way which provides a very thorough understanding on Kundalini and how it can be used to improve your life. I like that there are 12 meditations which each target a specific issue – from help with depression to welcoming love into your life. There are lots of different exercises which, even just doing for a few minutes each day, will produce real benefits. Kundalini is an immensely powerful practice which can really transform your life and help you reach higher levels of awareness and creativity. When you combine this book with the free meditation downloads, it really is the next best thing to being in a Kundalini class!’

– Rebecca

Awesome! This book is a joy to behold, aesthetically it’s beautiful and it has had a massive transformative impact on me’

– Milan

Beautifully explanatory. I am new to Kundalini but was keen to get this book. It is written by an experienced Kundalini yoga teacher and international opera star Kathryn McCusker. In the book she explains how to follow a combination of guided meditations, yoga poses, breathing exercises and chanted mantras to activate Kundalini, the energy coiled like a snake at the base of your spine. I like this book it is very simple to understand and has beautiful colourful illustrations as well as guiding the reader through the topic in an engaging manner.

The beginning of the book beautifully explains the history of Kundalini spiritual concepts such as chakras. This is followed by an explanation on how to prepare for the meditation, it explains breathing mantras, mudras and body locks. Then the final chapter concludes with meditations that are designed for body, mind and spirit. Each has their own posture, breath mantra and mudra. All focus on different aspects of life and include meditation for emotional balance and intuition, meditation to break habits and heal addictions, meditation to release anger, another for healing, mediation to boost the immune system, meditation for welcoming love, mediation to lift depression, meditation to awaken creativity, meditation to create abundance, another for a fresh start, meditation for couples and another meditation for motherhood.

I particularly like that the book dedicates a couple of pages to discussing the well-being benefits and some of the scientific studies in this area. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress aiding a calm, centred feeling. Meditation has been shown to help with psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety and addiction.’

– J.Ward