Camilla, London

“I started my private lessons with Kathryn at a very tumultuous time, whilst balancing  stressful work demands with an emotionally charged fertility treatment.  During this time, Kathryn tailored yoga, meditation and breathing sessions which helped me become more centered and reshape my outlook. I always left our sessions feeling relaxed and peaceful, and was able to implement lessons in my own time which were key to maintaining that positive state of mind. Kathryn is gentle, empathetic and so tuned in, she has been crucial in helping me through a very difficult period and eventually a wonderful pregnancy.  I am so grateful for Kathryn!”

Camilla, London

Ellie, London

Kathryn was very supportive and tuned in to my own individual process during her pregnancy classes. They were gentler and slow moving and really helped me to strengthen my confidence with giving birth.
I felt centered and ready for my daughter’s birth, which due to all the preparation was a fully empowering and beautiful experience!

Lindsey, London

Private sessions with Kathryn was the best decision I made during my pregnancy.
Working full time in a stressful job allowed me little time for yoga classes. Kathryn was flexible in scheduling and time with her was both invigorating and relaxing. I slept soundly after the sessions, and was able to practice on my own between sessions which gave me physical and mental strength, stability and calmness. I was in great condition for my labor which went very smoothly as well as the recovery which I owe to Kathryn.
All expecting mothers should have a Kathryn in their lives!