Rhonda, France

I was introduced to Kathryn a little over 4 years ago at a Kundalini Yoga retreat that she was holding in Spain. I had taken a few Kundalini classes in the States many years before and loved Kundalini yoga but never followed up with it after moving to Europe. After finishing the week retreat with Kathryn my entire life changed.That was the starting of a whole new awareness of myself (self) and the ability to tune into the ‘I AM’.
She held morning and afternoon classes and lead us to a deeper understanding of our life’s purpose through Kundalini kriyas. I walked away from that retreat never looking back on the past and using what we learned to stay in the present and to attain my true essence. Since then I have completed the KRI level 1 Teacher’s training and have received many blessings in my life. Kathryn is an amazing teacher and leader of Kundalini, she is an example of the true teachings and meaning of ‘Wahe Guru’. Thank you Kathryn for opening my life to Kundalini and the ability of self LOVE.