Relax the Mind and Body to Ignite Happiness and Prosperity







Sunday 19th November 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Evolve Wellness Centre, 10 Kendrick Mews, South Kensington, SW7 3HG
Kundalini Yoga Workshop
With Kathryn McCusker and Catherine Page

The ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation supports happiness, health and prosperity. Learn to relax the mind and release the worries and fears that create a barrier between you and your potential. 

Through Kundalini Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, and the Gong, we shall build a strong radiant body, awaken the vitality of the Spirit and work towards manifesting personal prosperity.  Yogi tea served afterwards. Mats provided. Open to all levels of experience.

DATE: Sunday 19th November 2.30pm – 5.30pm

VENUE: Evolve Wellness Centre, 10 Kendrick Mews, South Kensington, London SW7 3HG

COST: £35



CATHERINE PAGE is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and psychotherapist, with an interest in the mind-body link and specifically how emotions such as anxiety and depression manifest in the physical body. Catherine began training as a Kundalini yoga teacher in London, France and Russia. Catherine is passionate about sharing the teachings of Kundalini yoga as a physical and spiritual practice and as a means to change the way you feel.

KATHRYN McCUSKER head to About Kathryn for my biography.

Sen Wellness Clinic Marylebone – MOTHERING THE MOTHER


When a woman rests, she rests for the world

Venue: Sen Wellness, 66 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8AW
Dates: Sunday 9 July and 1 October 
Time: 9.30am – 13.30pm
Price: £110
Bookings: E: T: 020 7486 3373

Inviting all mothers to come and honour their extraordinary journey of motherhood and the women they are today in a nurturing held space, a space to reconnect to themselves and a community of other mothers.

The space will be held by, Sam Kankanamge, (Cranial Osteopath), Kathryn McCusker (Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher), Natasha Tillie (Homeopath) and Jemma Foster (Chief and Herbalist)

The workshops will include –

  • Women’s circle – an opportunity to connect, listen and share with other mothers in a safe environment.
  • 15/20min Massage to relax and open up the body, ready to receive Sam’s treatment
  • 15/20min cranial osteopathy with Sam Kankanamge A opportunity for Sam to access where you are physically /emotionally/ mentally and support you accordingly.
  • 75min Kundalini Yoga & Meditation class with Kathryn McCusker. Two classes of 5 women will be tailored to the group depending on their needs, from spine and pelvic floor issues to post natal depression. Kathryn will also suggest a daily routine/practice for each mother to take away with them if they so wish.
  • Homeopathy Tips and advice from Natasha Tillie and an emergency Mums and Baby kits to take away with you.
  • Brunch – Jemma’s conscious cooking pot will be serving dishes and botanical remedies designed to nurture and nourish mummas
  • Goodie Bag full of self-care remedies to take home with you.

This is an opportunity for mothers to come and honor their extraordinary journey of motherhood and the women they are today, in a nurturing held space and to reconnect to themselves in a community of fellow mothers.

Knowing how much energy is given to your little one during this time of motherhood we encourage this time to be completely for you, to properly rest and be nourished by all the rejuvenating offerings with little distraction.

Post care will be provided to ensure you continuously receive on going support and advice from a trusting community of professional therapists and teachers.

Sen Wellness Clinic Marylebone – EMPOWERING YOU

I am involved in an exciting new series of workshops at Sen Wellness, London called ’Empowering You – for body, mind and spirit’














Sam Kankanamge (Cranial Osteopath), Claire Neilands (General Medical Practitioner), Natasha Tillie (Homeopath) and myself are collaborating to share trusted knowledge of modern science, combined with the very best of alternative and complimentary health.

In this series of 3 workshops, we will journey through the body, mind and spirit on the theme of burnout and stress. This will be an interactive and engaging series to understand and experience how we can use our body, mind and soul intelligence to help us through times of stress.

  • Workshop 1 – May 20 – 3pm-6pm – Physical Burn Out/Stress
  • Workshop 2 – July 159am-12pm – Mental Burn Out/Stress
  • Workshop 3 – December 23pm-6pm Spiritual Burn Out/Stress

More information & bookings contact Natasha Tillie



I am thrilled to be heading to Paris later this year to teach two workshops a Kundalini Yoga Gong Bath Equinox Celebration and Kundalini Yoga Gong Workshop called ‘Let Your Spirit Soar’.


Join Veronique and Kathryn as we transition into Autumn. Many ancient tribes celebrated the change in seasons and acknowledged them as an opportunity to come together in community. Autumn Equinox is a great time to prepare for the coming Winter months. Through Kundalini Meditation and the transformative vibrations of the symphonic and planetary Gongs we will deeply relax and rejuvenate, leaving us feeling refreshed and ready to move forward in life with a sense of clarity and purpose.


The workshop will focus around the energy of the Autumn Equinox and we will nourish our mind and body in preparation for Winter! This is a wonderful time to reap the rewards of the seeds we planted in Spring and prepare ourselves for the inward journey, as we head towards Winter. In this Kundalini workshop held for the first time in Paris by the famous Kathryn McCusker, we will nourish and nurture our mind and body with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Dance and the healing sounds of the Gong… Propel yourself into this new season with passion, positivity and purpose and let your spirit soar!

DATE: 23rd & 24th September 2017, 2pm-4.30pm

VENUE: Le Tigre Yoga Club, Chaillot, Paris


PRICE: 49€



Kathryn will take you on a journey through the body, to help you cleanse your body and relax your mind, leaving you feeling more awake, aware, healthy and prepared to face the challenges of everyday life!

Using a series of movements, powerful breathing techniques, mantra, sound vibration, meditation and deep relaxation we will open our bodies and surrender our minds to recognise our innate strength, courage and wisdom. This cleanse will benefit you in many ways, especially if you experience low energy, tiredness, headaches, colds etc, or you would like to shift old habits and create new positive, healthy ones!

DATE: tbc 2018

VENUE: Shanti Voyage, Beirut