Kundalini Workshops in Lugano Switzerland | 19-20th September

Join Kathryn McCusker on the stunning Lido Riva Caccia in Lugano, Switzerland, for 2 special Kundalini Workshops this September! 
1. Saturday 19th September | 8-10pm | Price 50 Fr (€45)
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You
Open Air Workshop @ Lido Riva Caccia
As life gets busier and more stressful, staying healthy, happy and true to our Self becomes more challenging.
Kundalini Yoga can deepen our awareness, bringing more clarity and connection to our authentic self. Through movement, breath work, mantra and meditation, the practice encourages a healthy lifestyle and a happy attitude to help support mind and body through these accelerated times.

Join Kathryn to experience rejuvenating and uplifting Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to de-stress the mind and energise the body, so you can be at your absolute best.

Everyone is welcome, whether you are an experienced Kundalini yogi or a complete beginner.

2. Sunday 20th September | 10am-12.45pm | Price65 Fr (€59) 
Empowering Women
The Yoga Roof 

“Not only are you powerful, you are prestigious. Not only are you prestigious, you are beautiful. Not only are you beautiful, you are consciousness. Not only are you consciousness you are the spirit. Not only are you the spirit, you are the security of the future, the most bountiful beauty ever God created. Men call it ‘Woman’.’’ Yogi Bhajan

It is said that women are 16 times more powerful and intuitive than men, and her innate capacity to excel is 16 times more than a man, however if we are emotional and out of balance, it is challenging to live our potential.

Today’s world can seem stressful and fast and as a woman we juggle many roles, so we need practical and effective tools to keep up with the demands and pressures.

Kundalini Yoga offers transformative and uplifting teachings to navigate these every-changing times and to awaken your feminine power and intuition.

Dive deep and experience kriyas and meditations to release fears, doubts and insecurity, and reconnect to your grace, strength and confidence.  We will peel away the masks and rediscover our innocence, radiance and primal power (Adi Shakti)

Everyone is welcome, whether you are an experienced Kundalini yogi or a complete beginner.

Price for both workshops: Fr. 100 (€90)
Annual subscribers and Yoga Roof teachers have a 10% discount.
To book visit:https://www.lugano.ch/vivere-lugano/cultura-e-tempo-libero/lidi-e-piscine/lido-riva-caccia.html 

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