Kundalini Yoga Testimonials

When I discovered Kundalini Yoga, I wanted to learn more about the Chakras that are key to the Kundalini practice. Lucky enough I found out about the Chakra Cleanse workshops lead by Kathryn McCusker, it was the perfect opportunity! Each workshop is focused on one or two of the 7 main Chakras and gives clarity on how that Chakra works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. To experience a chakra through a specific kriya and with the right meditations is a great way to understand its system and how the Chakras are related.

Kathryn is an inspiring and encouraging teacher. Her classes are full of joy and good vibes and I hope to be able to experience many more.

Camille Kolb

I have been blessed for almost 6 years being taught by this wonderful Kundalini Angel, Kathryn. I fell into Kundalini Yoga by mistake, but obviously there were other plans being made for me. I went to take another yoga class one evening which had been cancelled, so a Kundalini Yoga class was suggested, I had never heard of Kundalini.
For me it was the experience of my soul being touched by something amazing and all I knew was that a path was being sent to me to follow. Kathryn, you have had a profound effect on me, your teaching has constant insight, warmth and spiritual dedication and you gave me undying support and encouragement, enabling me to qualify as a Kundalini Teacher. Being blessed with you as my teacher over these last few years, I have no doubt, I would not have gathered the courage to embark on my Teacher Training journey. Your effect on me has been profound. May you be given many blessings and a thousand thanks for just simply being you.

Susie, London

I was introduced to Kathryn a little over 4 years ago at a Kundalini Yoga retreat that she was holding in Spain. I had taken a few Kundalini classes in the States many years before and loved Kundalini yoga but never followed up with it after moving to Europe. After finishing the week retreat with Kathryn my entire life changed.That was the starting of a whole new awareness of myself (self) and the ability to tune into the ‘I AM’.
She held morning and afternoon classes and lead us to a deeper understanding of our life’s purpose through Kundalini kriyas. I walked away from that retreat never looking back on the past and using what we learned to stay in the present and to attain my true essence. Since then I have completed the KRI level 1 Teacher’s training and have received many blessings in my life. Kathryn is an amazing teacher and leader of Kundalini, she is an example of the true teachings and meaning of ‘Wahe Guru’. Thank you Kathryn for opening my life to Kundalini and the ability of self LOVE.

Rhonda, France

I have been blessed with Kathryn as my teacher for 5 years now. Kathryn continues to create an atmosphere in her classes that allows me to truly be myself. Her gentle and disciplined approach to teaching allows me to be present with whatever feelings, emotions and experiences arise in the class, and in her presence I can learn from them.
Kathryn leads by example honouring the way of the peaceful warrior, she shines with dignity and modesty as do all those lit by the inner light of Kundalini yoga.Yogi Bhajan would be proud of her.
Sat Nam.

Rose, London

Going to Kundalini lessons brought something that was really missing in my life.Taking some time and trying to relax. During the first lessons I was impressed by Kathryn’s songs and her musical choices. I loved the music and the atmosphere.Then I decided to go further and Kathryn taught me how to breathe.
I really like her energy, kindness and capability to understand what I feel and what I need. I am convinced now that I will be able to improve my life, and I definitely recommend Kundalini yoga with Kathryn.

Aymeric, London

Kathryn was my first contact after relocation to London. It was like coming home as I was familiar with Kundalini whilst this big buzzing city of London was new for me. Kathryn offered me a kind of island to rest, to catch my breath, to strengthen me in choosing carefully the kriyas, was paying attention to all my questions and supported me whenever I needed her.
She is such a delicate, strong female teacher, like a Lioness clearing the path without making too much noise about all that, keeping her students safe and secure. Like a Lioness she disappears all of a sudden into the big jungle of the world to keep you going on your own, living your potency which she helped to build up, coming back, whenever there is a necessity.

Eva-Maria, Austria

My wife and I met Kathryn recently and have been taking private Kundalini yoga classes with her every week ever since.
We are delighted with the results, already our positive energy levels have increased significantly thanks to Kathryn’s method of teaching and we feel more energised than we have done in years.
We each have our own way of coping with the every day stresses of life, however for us, Kundalini Yoga has helped restore a natural balance in our world and tap into a reservoir of energy and well-being that we have never felt before.
Kathryn is a kind and patient teacher, her aura of wisdom and inner tranquillity instantly put us at ease. She showed us how – through simple yoga techniques including breathing, posture, sound and meditation – we could reach a higher level of consciousness and develop a healthier body and mind.
We could recommend Kathryn to anyone.

Kishore and Manju, London

Kathryn is an immensely powerful and inspirational teacher, whom I cannot recommend highly enough. Through her classes I have had the benefit to learn more about, and to soothe and nourish, my mind, my body, my soul and my spirit.
Her patience, knowledge, passion and above all her love, are boundless – and as a student of Kathryn and of Kundalini yoga you will grow in many ways, all of them positive.
Enabling you to move towards your true self, and to find peace and happiness along the way. Kundalini is a special type of yoga, and Kathryn is a special kind of teacher – a truly harmonious match.
Discover it today!

Claire, London

I was introduced to Kundalini by Kathryn at a yoga retreat 2 years ago and was instantly taken by how powerful and exciting this practice is.
Kathryn is clearly a devoted master of Kundalini and has an ability to get across her teaching in a way that is easy to understand but also lots of fun as she has a wonderful sense of humour!
I always feel so energised after her classes but also calm and focused, and she will always find time to discuss anything with you.
I can thoroughly recommend Kathryn and her style of teaching as I know you will gain so much for your mind, body and soul as I have.

Julie, London

The Universe knows just what a girl needs: One dull rainy afternoon back in London, I was browsing the internet looking for Kundalini yoga classes to enrich my own personal practice. Kathryn’s website appeared on the screen. I clicked on it and the same evening attended her Kundalini yoga class and fell in love with Kundalini yoga and meditation more than I could have ever imagined.
Kathryn’s intuition, generosity, positive energy and beautiful voice make her classes, retreats and Kundalini yoga meditations a really special experience. I am very grateful to have found such a beautiful soul, wonderful woman and kind friend.
Kathryn is a truly gifted teacher who has been, ever since that rainy evening, an inspirational light in my life – a supportive mentor. Thank you, dear friend for continuing to share your passion for life, love for Kundalini yoga and meditation, your wisdom, joy and inner peace on the road to discovering my true self. Sat Nam. Love and Blessings.

Andrea, Slovakia

Working with Kathryn one to one over the last couple of years has been an amazing experience.
She is both an inspiring and challenging teacher and this has enabled me to create changes in my body and mind that I never dreamed possible before.
With her help I have been able to shift both emotional and physical patterns that were blocking me and achieve a far greater sense of self.

Claire, London

I regularly practised Kundalini Yoga with Kathryn and she played an important part in my own personal development.
I am now a Kundalini teacher myself and understand what an amazing teacher she really is in her ability to inspire and uplift students.
She is truly an authentic teacher of the highest calibre. If I just need to practise Kundalini yoga in a group then Kathryn’s is the class I head for.

Simon, London

Kathryn works with purpose and love. Thanks to her I found the perfect and most harmonious balance between physical well-being and expansion of awareness.
Kathryn constantly and wholeheartedly focuses on healing imbalances by relaxing or strengthening our physical or emotional planes. She also uses chants to accompany Kundalini Yoga and as an opera singer the combination of these two vocations are unique.
Kundalini yoga has been an amazing discovery and self-transformation for me thanks to Kathryn’s teachings.

Alexandra, London

Pregnancy Yoga Testimonials

“I started my private lessons with Kathryn at a very tumultuous time, whilst balancing  stressful work demands with an emotionally charged fertility treatment.  During this time, Kathryn tailored yoga, meditation and breathing sessions which helped me become more centered and reshape my outlook. I always left our sessions feeling relaxed and peaceful, and was able to implement lessons in my own time which were key to maintaining that positive state of mind. Kathryn is gentle, empathetic and so tuned in, she has been crucial in helping me through a very difficult period and eventually a wonderful pregnancy.  I am so grateful for Kathryn!”

Camilla, London

Camilla, London

Kathryn was very supportive and tuned in to my own individual process during her pregnancy classes. They were gentler and slow moving and really helped me to strengthen my confidence with giving birth.
I felt centered and ready for my daughter’s birth, which due to all the preparation was a fully empowering and beautiful experience!

Ellie, London

Private sessions with Kathryn was the best decision I made during my pregnancy.
Working full time in a stressful job allowed me little time for yoga classes. Kathryn was flexible in scheduling and time with her was both invigorating and relaxing. I slept soundly after the sessions, and was able to practice on my own between sessions which gave me physical and mental strength, stability and calmness. I was in great condition for my labor which went very smoothly as well as the recovery which I owe to Kathryn.
All expecting mothers should have a Kathryn in their lives!

Lindsey, London

KMYOGA studio, Sydney, Testimonials

“Kundalini Yoga is an amazing way to leave your known territory and explore the unknown that lives deep within you. A territory that is hard to reach in a conventional way. That is what this fantastic workshop with Kathryn means to me. Exploring myself in an unconventional way and be able to discover what is inside and what can trigger that desirable creativity that is hidden deep within. It is a very enjoyable experience.”

Laura Jaramillo

”Discovering a sacred space in pedestrian life, can be a miraculous feat but at KMYOGA that is just the way of daily life. The gifts that Kundalini practice can offer are delivered in such surprising and beautiful ways but for this novice, the radiant bursts of knowledge, the serenity, the joy in deep commitment to self and a loving dose of healing have opened up paths to creativity that as a writer and a sentient being, I have craved. Most of all Kundalini allows you to cultivate a sacred space within and that..you can always take with you. Sat Nam and thank you all at KMYOGA.”

Natalie Apostolou

“As a musician, I was already used to working with breath, creative energy and sound, but Kundalini has given me a range of new tools which I can use to specifically direct and refine this energy. The great thing for me is that the practice is very portable, and I have been successful in building up my own daily home (/hotel room!) routine that sustains me between classes. Not only has it given me renewed physical and mental energy and a sense of stability and trust through difficult times, but I have found I can use specific kriyas and meditations to affect my state of mind in critical situations. Nerves as a performing musician are a constant challenge, and in my own experience they are in fact very obstructive to reaching my musical and creative potential. I have found the various Kundalini exercises which calm and refocus the mind infinitely more effective than any self-help training I have undertaken, or any book I have read. A three minute meditation is often enough to reset from a negative, self-judging frame of mind and be free to release the inspiration within. The same can be said of the specific sets one can do to combat stress, fatigue, illness, and situations where there are conflicts of interest. (as is often the case in the ego-driven world of music!). It is like having a chest of magic spells at your disposal. They simply work!”

Jane Gower

“I heard about KMYOGA and decided to join what I now call this inspirational retreat. I instantly felt calmed by the environment but more importantly the humbleness and compassion of Linda (studio manager) and all the wonderful people whom I met throughout all my visits. I automatically felt a sense of belonging and connected not just to others but also to myself. KMYOGA trained me to manage my mind, to stay focused, to trust and have faith. I am so grateful to have found KMYOGA at a crucial time in my life. The teachings helped me realise my goals, more importantly it has brought me closer to my soul and is assisting me in my spiritual journey.”

Roger Mussalli, General Manager of Baskin Robbins

“Before I started Kundalini I felt so tied up with work, study and life stresses bombarding my mind. I found it hard to switch off and this affected my focus, my reaction to those around me and most importantly my health (in other words I was completely over stimulated and strung out). Since practicing Kundalini with Kathryn I have adapted an awareness to myself and my surrounds which has created a profound change in both my physical and mental energy. My mind is less reactive, more still, and I feel I am now connected to the natural rhythms of earth – a synergy between my mind, body, soul, making it easier to wake up in the morning and multitask my way, stressless throughout the day. Kundalini practice really can be transformational. It took me a few classes to really open myself up, but once I did I reaped in the benefits quite rapidly. I am also grateful to Kathryn who leads such a beautiful practice, allowing us the opportunity to find a calm connected space in each and every class.”


“I had the most relaxing experience during Mia’s class this morning. The energy was so peaceful and I had a huge smile on my face when I left. She takes great care of students who are new to Kundalini by explaining a lot and making everyone feel at ease, that’s much appreciated. I’m definitely coming back to her classes. “

Mieke Maes

“I’ve now practiced Kundalini Yoga 10 days straight and I have to say my zest for life has sky rocketed! I feel so vibrant and energetic. Fears now manifest as excitement. Nervous energy is expelled during class, not outside unexpectedly. My determination is growing daily, my sleep has improved, as has my motivation and my own truths. I’m eating healthily and loving it…cooking more than usual, being creative…I even bought a pair of scales and baked! And my body doesn’t ache, fluidity is returning. I feel..liberated..like I can do anything, and why not!”

Rhonda Nicholson

“Jivamukti Yoga has dramatically helped me gain balance in my life. After every class I feel full of energy but at the same time I feel more grounded than when I started. I love how the teachers will assist you to experience a deeper feeling in the postures; I feel safe trying stronger postures because of their guidance. All of the teachers at KMYOGA offer something different to every practice, which inspires me to keep coming back to the mat for more”.

Paige Isley

‘Naam Yoga for me is a seamless practice. A feeling of flow and ease that starts on the mat and continues into my daily life. An invitation to experience life with more expansion, understanding and joy. Wahu Guru.’

Rohini Lewis

‘After 7 years of yoga, Naam found me, and swiftly transformed myself and my life in the most incredible and beautiful of ways. Naam manifests miracles. For example – a constant, chronic neck pain I had been working on with yoga for 2 years simply disappeared after one of Anastasia’s classes. This practice will powerfully change you from within, and your life will evolve and unfold to your greater good accordingly. Anastasia is a teacher that I cannot speak highly enough of, she is truly a blessing. I trust her completely & the opportunity to learn from her is a gift that cannot be underestimated. Access this gift now, you will be eternally grateful that you did.’

Jennifer King, Company Director, Mythology Film

“KMYOGA is truly a spiritual oasis in the heart of Bondi Junction…”

Nadav Kahn

“The fact that my heart has righted itself after so many years of being severely out of step is quite extraordinary, the difference it makes to me is huge – not only psychologically knowing it is beating steadily is so reassuring, but the knock on effects are numerous, my stress levels have dropped right down, I sleep better, have much more energy, I feel a lift in my whole being, and my attitude is much more positive.” (Jill has suffered from Tachycardia and Atrial fibrillation for 19 years and attributes her discovery of Kundalini Yoga to vast improvements with her heart’s rhythm.)


‘After exploring and experimenting with a range of different yoga styles, I was so excited to find Jivamukti yoga during my first couple of weeks at KM Yoga. The pairing of dynamic Ashtanga sequences alongside sanskrit scripture, spirituality and chanting deeply resonates, leaving me emotionally and physically exhilarated after every class. Jivamukti yoga places a strong focus on compassion and kindness to all living things, and I feel this encourages me to be a more centred being both on and off my mat. I motivate any yogi’s I know to try Jivamukti, it is truly wonderful and absolutely needs to be shared.’


“I love the workshops especially the Full Moon Gong Meditation. It seems to take me to places I have never been to before.”


“The 40-day cleanse has challenged every fibre of my being. What has amazed me most on this journey is every time I have felt dull, resistant, like I’ve nothing more to give, I have discovered a deep reserve of strength and resilience I didn’t know I had. This is a lasting impression…I feel like I can breathe deeper into my heart…I feel ignited! Thank you to the KM community – teachers, support staff and fellow students – for inspiring me to find a way through. SAT NAAM!”

Katherine Keefe

“A truly rewarding mind and body experience. When I went to the Kundalini Yoga class I didn’t know what to expect, but what a pleasant surprise! My body was rejuvenated and my mind, clutter-free. The space, staff and classes are always so nice and welcoming. KMYOGA makes you feel at home.”


“I have been practicing this style of yoga since January and it has changed my life. I am more balanced, centered and physically I feel fantastic! It has a peaceful energy the moment you enter the studio… it will open your heart, mind, and soul.”


“I am a singer and I had been searching for a form of exercise that would not only benefit my general health but one that would specifically support my singing and performance skills. I noticed immediate changes to my sense of self and a deeper connection with my instrument, and have been hooked ever since … It is a sanctuary to step into.”


“I came along to my first Kundalini Yoga class yesterday morning. It was magical, an incredible experience. I feel blessed that I have been led to your classes.”


“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express the importance of discovering KMYOGA + Kundalini and the unfolding change that is happening in my life everyday.”


“I’ve been practicing Kundalini for about 8 months and I’m starting to see some huge shifts in my body and mind. I feel joy and deep happiness when I’m practicing Kundalini yoga; it lifts me up and inspires me for more good work. I find the chanting and mantras so healing. I am finally finding my voice and opening my heart, allowing my connections to be stronger and truer – free to be me at long last! Kundalini Yoga has really inspired me to be more and to be the best I can be.”

Corona, NurturePod

“I had given up yoga a couple of years ago, then recently while on a path to clear blocks to success I was mixing Kinesiology with Kundalini yoga as a friend had suggested trying it. In one of Kathryn’s classes we were doing a clearing exercise and I started laughing because I could physically feel some emotional baggage leaving me. It was a great moment. I’m going to continue practicing to see where this new path takes me.”

Tim Maddocks

“I had been looking for a yoga class that I could go to and then one day my friend suggested KMYOGA in Bondi Junction. The minute I walked into KMYOGA and smelt it, saw it, felt it, I new this place was for me.”

Carolyn Kaplan

“I came to KMYOGA and Kundalini through a friend who knew I may benefit from the 40 day cleanse.
I had lost my beautiful mother very suddenly and tragically almost one year previously and I was thinking about going into IVF again (after many failed attempts). Needless to say I was not in a very good place – very much ‘out of my body’ and holding a great deal of grief and sadness. I had tried Kundalini few times before, loved the serenity of the beautiful KM space and enjoyed it while still practicing some Hatha yoga, but I had not attended classes regularly. I was ready to try and get focussed for my last IVF attempt.
The 40 day cleanse was nothing short of a revelation. It left me grounded, positive and full of acceptance for whatever my future would hold – with or without a baby. It wasn’t ‘easy’ (yes, there were many tears) and it takes commitment, but it was incredibly enjoyable, enlightening and transformative. It certainly brought be to an understanding of Kundalini and what a powerful and incredible practice it is – it is nothing short of therapy. I was able to move through my grief in my own way knowing also that I had the support and guidance of Kathryn and the wonderful KM Yoga community. The community is a close one if you want that experience, it is open and accepting but it is never intrusive, it is throughly respectful of your personal journey. Whether you choose to engage with anyone else there or not, you can feel the positive energy, understanding and underlying support.
Oh yes … and I’m happy to report that I’m now 6 months pregnant!! An absolute blessing!”

Mischa Way

“Yoga heals the rift between mind and body and unlocks the furnace of creativity. It rewards me with blissful energy and opens me up to exciting possibilities in my life and work.”

Mandy McElhinney

“Someone told me Kundalini was an excellent way to fight anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. I had my first class of yoga in my life with Kundalini just four weeks ago and my life is starting to change. It is mind blowing. I started experiencing new levels of consciousness in my body. Not only do I feel more more balanced in my daily life and less anxious about the crazy world, but I have increased energy levels without the need for alcohol, caffeine or chocolate. Practicing the kriyas and chanting the mantras has created more balance and peace within me. I’m really thankful to KMYOGA, Kundalini and Naam for the spiritual awakening and my new life!”

Nicolas Perez

‘Wow what a pleasure to be a part of such a warm and welcoming community that is KMYOGA. I am on the 40 day cleanse and thoroughly enjoying the process. If you are looking for a way to empower yourself, strengthen yourself and improve your self-confidence I recommend the 40 day cleanse…and joining the studio. I urge you to be open and reserve judgement of the Kundalini Teachings…just trust the process and do what is asked of you. The Sat Kriya that I commit to for 11 minutes a day is having profound effects on my life.
I feel youthful and energised and the gritty days are all serving a purpose, helping me to navigate my funky moments with much more ease and an inner knowing that everything that I experience is for a reason. Kundalini has allowed me to access a part of me that I have been unconscious around. I am finding a union with myself for the very first time, which means I can hear and take notice when I get the messages from my body. I can stand in a less judgemental space because I am clearing the layers that life created and I dragged through everyday.
I find myself feeling child like – innocent, lacking judgement and feeling free and enjoying every day, a reset for my emotions!! A sincere thank you to Kathryn and all her team for creating a sacred space and for being the crucial step in allowing me to meet me for the very first time!’

Lucy Dockwray

‘After attending my first Kundalini Yoga class at the Bondi Yoga Festival on Sunday with Kathryn, I was inspired. I could feel the energy flowing throughout my body and the music and singing made the experience so dynamic and heart opening! I totally forgot about the cold and rainy weather.What a wonderful day it was!

I have downloaded the first chapter on Kundalini and Meditation techniques from Kathryn’s book and I am about to start my 40-day challenge.’


‘I love KMYOGA. I can’t wait for Sundays to come around. It has been like this since I connected to the very inclusive KMYOGA community at a retreat seventeen months ago. I love my Sunday class. Ninety minutes of joyful connectedness of mind, body and spirit. You know in this community we are all connected in the same way…in every cell of our beings. Our teacher connects us to the divine teacher within. Our focus, intention and attention inspire and expand back into our hearts where we recognise that what we are doing is so right to deliver divine perfect destiny.
In thine, mine, myself. Wahe Guru
Peace, love and light.’

Robert Henry

‘I am grateful to be a part of KMYOGA community. I visited KMYOGA on one of their open days and all the way throughout my practice I felt that this is it, I found my new home! I signed up for the amazing 2 weeks special right away and seriously committed to my practice without knowing what to expect from it.
Luckily for me, it was just the beginning of Spring in Sydney and KMYOGA were about to start a 40 day Community Spring Cleanse, which I signed up for without any hesitation. 40 days to explore myself, to find my truth, and to transform. I was ready to transform! This was the time when I just listened to what my heart was telling me, without engaging the mind into a conversation and I am so glad I did! At the beginning, the cleanse brought out a lot of controversial emotions – anger, sadness, frustration, joy, grief and fear, however the amazing KMYOGA teachers were very supportive and encouraged me to trust the process and carry on.
Often we think that we know our bodies, our yoga practice, our minds, our families and friends. However, our bodies and the people we love are endlessly recreating themselves, born fresh in every breath. We are not the same as we were yesterday. Every breath we take is an opportunity to begin again. Nothing from the past can limit who we are or what we do right now…corporate world, spiritual world, entrepreneurial world, soul artists’ world, world travellers’ world – so many worlds, so many labels, so many realities. It can be really overwhelming at times. But the truth is only one. Everybody has their own unlabelled truth spanning through all these realities, their own journey. And I took this challenge to slow down to explore my true essence without expecting anything, without attaching myself to the end result, without labelling.
My focus was on an emotional and mental cleanse and clarity, on making decisions to move forward without chasing a million things at the same time, keeping up and letting go of everything that doesn’t serve me anymore.
Every morning I start with 11-minutes Sat Kriya meditation, which became more and more effortless and flowing. I can physically feel how negative emotions and inner voices leave my mind as I focus on stretching my arms, breathing and chanting SAT NAM at the same time. There is basically no space for the negative mind! I feel that my mind becomes lighter with each exhale. Now I can totally understand when they say emotions do have weight and as I release negative thoughts and create space I feel so much lighter, inspired and ready to create and attract things I want!
It has truly been an amazing experience. I feel a lot calmer, more self-aware physically, mentally and emotionally, more dedicated and 100% committed to continue my meditation practice for 90 days now! Thank you to all teachers, the staff and KMYOGA practitioners for being a part of my life’s journey! And special thanks for the hot and fresh herbal tea after each class! Sat Nam.’


‘For all of those living in Sydney who crave a sense of community and well being, please try Kundalini Yoga at KMYOGA in Bondi Junction. I have never felt so centred and relaxed after experiencing the challenging breathing techniques, postures and philosophies combined with the beautiful connections made with the men and women I met today. The philosophies behind Kundalini Meditation taught by a beautiful and loving woman Kathryn McCusker are truly inspirational. Thank you.’

Lurelle Alefounder

Since beginning Kundalini I’ve published two books and I’m almost finished my third!
My friend and fellow yogi Phil Reichelt introduced me to kundalini yoga just over two years ago after I hurt my back practicing another style of yoga. I remember walking into Kathryn’s class for the first time and seeing all these people dressed in white with turbans on their head and thinking, ‘What on earth is going on here?’ I kept my eyes open the whole class thinking this to be the weirdest style of yoga I’d ever come across. And yet something clicked for me in that class and I was hooked. Almost from the moment I started practicing kundalini I began to feel more alive, more connected to myself and others, more in my body and more positive about life.
At the 11.11.11 workshop we were asked to set an intention. My intention was to be a published author. As a writer, I had always dreamed of one day publishing a book yet this was a dream I thought I would never have the discipline to see through to completion. Since beginning kundalini I’ve published two books and I’m almost finished my third. Discipline and perseverance are no longer a problem for me! Kundalini yoga has given me the belief in myself to be able create the things I want in my life while gracefully releasing the things I don’t want.
However possibly the greatest gift kundalini has given me has been the many amazing friendships I’ve made. My friends from yoga are my extended family who I not only practice yoga with but I’m lucky enough to share the adventures of life with. Having recently spent some time visiting some of the kundalini schools in Los Angeles I can honestly say that KMYOGA is world class and I feel very grateful to all the staff, teachers and students who contribute towards making it the incredible studio that it is today.’

Hedley Galt

“Being very far from my native Sweden and not knowing anyone in the southern hemisphere, I felt a little overwhelmed. A feeling that changed during my first class at KMYOGA.” We’re delighted that you enjoy Kundalini so much Filippa and wish you good luck on your travels to the next country. They will be lucky to have you!
“It has become a curious habit of mine to check out the local Kundalini yoga spot whenever I come to a new city. So when me and my Australian boyfriend moved to Sydney for five months after a year in New York, (where I was a regular at Golden Bridge) it didn’t take long before I signed up for the two weeks unlimited class pass at KMYOGA. “Wow, what a good deal!” and “Wow, what a beautiful space!” were my first impressions.
Being very far from my native Sweden and not knowing anyone in the southern hemisphere, I felt a little overwhelmed. A feeling that changed during my first class at KM where I found myself surrounded by friendly faces, doing the same thing that I’ve done so many times before. And of course the teacher knew my teacher in New York and suddenly the world’s huge distances felt much smaller! I came back the next day, the day after that, and kept on doing so for the rest of my time in Sydney. I became one of those yoga bums that seem to live in the studio…So what did I find at KMYOGA? A world class yoga studio with top gear like jade-yoga mats, a great gong, eye pillows, cozy blankets, a super sound system, complimentary yogi tea, filtered water tap, fresh flowers, comfy lounge areas etc. But more importantly, I met passionate teachers, each one with their own personal approach to the vast teachings. The whole experience elevated my practice and took it to the next level.”

Filippa Berg, world travelling writer/blogger

“Integrating kundalini into my life has profoundly uplifted, transformed and enhanced my life in countless ways.” Eliza, we love hearing about your new found passion for Kundalini and it’s great having you in our classes and part of the KMYOGA community!
“Integrating kundalini into my life has profoundly uplifted, transformed and enhanced my life in countless ways. After experimenting with a number of practises, kundalini proved to be the most powerful across all aspects so I committed to it as a discipline.
It has helped me to develop my senses, refine my intuition, raise my energy, gain greater clarity, live more in the present and so much more. For those that can keep an open mind, I highly recommend incorporating this wonderful practise into your life. I am forever grateful for this technology and those who share the practise through teaching. Sat nam!

Eliza Gilbertson